STEP-UP Chattanooga is operated by PEF and is part of the College & Career Success Initiatives. High School Students are nominated by counselors to apply for the STEP-UP summer internship, then selected students are invited to a work-readiness training session where they learn about building resumes and interview techniques. Based on interest and skills, STEP-UP matches the students with positions. The employers interview the students and make the final hiring decision.

Here is one of the students we would like to spot light.  Meet Maleiah Moon, she is a senior at East Hamilton High School and is planning to go to college for Physical Therapy. Maleiah interned at the Front Desk of Fairfield Inn & Suites Chattanooga East over the summer and excelled at her job! Classes have started back for Maleiah but we are excited to say that she is planning to work weekends during the school year! Photographed is (Left to Right) Bob Dollinger, Maleiah Moon, and Bob Gopar.

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Sarah Stokes, Director of Human Resources and Training, and Hiren Desai, CEO of 3H Group, were both recognized in the 2017 Annual Business Issue of CityScope.

Sarah was recognized as a Gold Club, Influential Business Leader. Sarah oversees employee orientation, health care, development, training, and employee relations for entire 3H portfolio. When Sarah stared in 2004, she started out as a front desk intern, with her outstanding work ethic she quickly worked her way up in the company. Sarah also represents 3H Group’s partnership with local programs such as Step-Up Chattanooga and On Point, offering entry level jobs to students in underdeveloped schools.

Hiren was recognized in the Tackling Today’s Top Challenges and in the Proactive vs, reactive articles.

 In the Tackling Today’s Top Challenges piece, Mr. Desai was asked what are the top challenges in his field and how he is tackling them. Mr. Desai said that continuing to meet the needs of baby boomers while appealing to the younger individuals is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today. Since each generation values different things, the product must appeal to the customers, and the same goes for associates in the work place.

In the proactive vs. reactive article, Hiren was asked four questions, these are his answers.

“How do you plan for expected and changing market conditions?

There are always different factors that impact a business, from competition to operational issues and more. We try to prepare for the unexpected by using our experiences as well as learning from others to create contingency plans for any potential “what if” scenarios.

How important is it for you to have contingency plans in place to systematically address problems or unexpected occurrences that may arise?

The level of service that we are able to provide on any given day is largely driven by our ability operate to the standards and procedures that have been set for each of our hotels. Sometimes unexpected events occur that disrupt normal operations – such as the weather or water, phone, or electrical service interruptions – so it is critical that we have contingency plans in place to provide the expected level of service when these events occur.

How do you work with your team to prepare for the unexpected?

To prepare for the unexpected or to address unforeseen events, our executive team comes together to assess the situation, problem solve, and establish direction for our operations. Yes, we do develop “what if” scenarios and from these, we develop plans to address potential new developments that can positively or adversely impact our business.

Can you share a situation where you anticipated a potential problem and planned in advance to address it when it occurred?

A good example is Airbnb and its platform. Their development made us focus even more so on our amenities and services that cannot be offered by Airbnb. And in doing so, our hotels have continued to operate at a high level.”

Congratulations to 3H Group for being recognized and a big thank you to Hiren and Sarah for all your hard work!

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Our 3H Group Sales Team had an exciting time at their annual meeting at The Hampton Inn & Suites Orlando North Altamonte Springs location.  Sixteen sales team members were able to travel to Florida for two days full of networking, open discussions, brainstorming, system refreshing, team building, plus sales training and activities. At the end of day one, the team ended with painting and pizza as a team building exercise. We didn’t realize that 3H had so many great artists! On the second day, the entire sales team joined together for a sales blitz for the new TownePlace Suites Altamonte Springs location, soon to be opening in late summer. The team was able to identify great opportunities for the hotel to kick start the opening. They ended day two with a wonderful dinner at Kobe Steakhouse. Overall, it was a great trip, and our sales team members are pumped up and ready to use this knowledge in their hotels. 

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